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Ask Medieval!

Real name: Jessica
Q. Can you do tongue twisters?
A. "How much wood could a wood chuck chuck if a wood chuck could chuck wood" is about the extent of my ability.
Q. What's up with the Tae Bo?
A. Tae Bo is solely an evil thing; it's only purpose is of use to wicked gym teachers that use the evil technique to seperate 'jocks' from the 'intelligents.' The intelligences try to hide their status by participating (but reveal themselves by poor balance) and others stand rebelliously admidst the rest of them, refusing to give in to the subliminal messages of stupidity. If revealed, the gym teacher then seeks to make a living hell for the intelligent people. I, of course, was not up to this. And my poor balance betrayed my identity.
Q. How did you and Joshua meet?
A. We met rather informally in school and we started out as friends... I had no idea he had a crush on me from the beginning... but he was and is a really sweet guy... once you understand the mumbles.
Q. What made you decide to be the way you are?
A. I don't like to be fake. I like what I like and if I don't like it, then I don't like it. I don't like changing myself just to make other people happy. It took me a long time to crawl out of my shell, and from then, a long time to figure out who "I" was. I found it, I like it, I'm not changing it. So there.
Q. What do you wear on the weekends?
A. Depends on if I'm working, staying home or what. Usually something presentable but comfortable... Well, I TRY to be presentable... But most likely something eccentric.
Q. What do you wear on the weekends?
A. Depends on if I'm working, staying home or what. Usually something presentable but comfortable... Well, I TRY to be presentable... But most likely something eccentric.
Q. Is your hair natural?
A. Most definately. Never been color-sprayed or dyed... EVER! I take pride in it... I don't do weird stuff to it either...
Q. Have you ever considered being Jewish?
A. I've considered it as other people's faith, but that's about it. I like my faith as it is.
Q. What religious affiliation do you belong to?
A. I am a Roman Catholic. The Church has a very strong pull on my life... I don't always agree with it, but then faith doesn't always go by the book for absolutely every single individual person... I have to admit, though. Wicca interests me. I don't practice it! It just interests me. It's so medieval!!!
Q. What are your thoughts on required religion classes?
A. If you're not of the particular faith they teach, then go along with it and broaden your horizons. I don't mean be converted, or feel as though you have to... But learn something new... See how other people view the world and the like... If you are of the faith they are teaching about, then don't get all huffy and claim you know everything simply because you may go to mass or synagogue on a regular basis. You just might learn something new about your faith... Either that, or use it to expand upon your own faith.
Q. How many strange people (friends) are in your life?
A. Since I am strange, nearly every person around me is strange... But as for friends, I don't have very many... I'm like the tons of acquaintances with few really good friends type with no in between. I don't shun people, no matter how idiotic or what not... But that doesn't mean I'm instantly your friend. If you wanna friend, be one to me. I'll put in just as much effort. (How cliche.)
Q. How do you choose your friends?
A. I don't. They happen.
Q. How did you and Angst meet?
A. We first met on a bus on a "religious" retreat. We were talking about witches ironically enough... and then we got stuck in an art class together. She always out does me, though (outfit wise). Contrary to what "happy" popular people think, we DO smile, we DO laugh, and we DO crack jokes... Maybe dark, sarcastic, weird, sick and twisted jokes, but jokes. We're nor--... ummmm... never mind.
Q. Do you have a man?
A. The Mumbler: Joshua.
Q. How did you get yours, and how can I get my own?
A. It was a grueling process (no it wasn't... It was a match made in heaven, actually...) but in order to get your own, you can figure that out for yourself... That's the way you know it's what YOU want and you'll be happiest.
Q. Help! What do I do about the person staring back at me from the mirror?!
A. It's YOU for starters (man, you people ask some weird questions) take care of IT, IT will take care of you... I don't know, you figure it out.
Q. I know it's dangerous, but what can you tell me about exercise?
A. It's not ALWAYS dangerous... Wait a minute... oh, never mind. Do it when you need to and then some to keep yourself fit.
Q. Where did you learn to decipher mumbling?
A. An open mind and a loving (and patient) heart for Joshua.
Q. Are you afraid of Clowns?
A. Yes, I am.... I hate clowns... They scare the living daylights out of me... Evil, evil things.
Q. Why does Joshua mumble?
A. I really have no clue... I think that it's because he's always so tired and he gets up before he wakes up... That wasn't a really fun answer, was it?
Q. We all know about the "stash," but are rumors of a possible goatee true? Explain?
A. We tried a goatee once.... We got three hairs out of it... Actually, that's how he got the nickname "Catfish..." but that's another story...
Q. What's under your bed right now?
A. Hmm... I think a box of dusty college pamphlets about ready to be thrown out amidst a colony of dust bunnies... Possibly my dog if she's in trouble...
Q. Did you ever eat paste as a youngster?
A. Not that I recall... But I still love to make the little glue warts on my skin during class!

Is there any question (Serious, Stupid, Silly) that you'd like to ask Medieval? Send your question here!

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